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Deiny Tatiana Gómez Bocanegra.

My name is Deiny Tatiana Gómez Bocanegra
I was born on February 24, 1997,
I have 15 years and measure 1.58 m.

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My Family

My family consists of my mom Nohemy Bocanegra,
my older brother James Jahir Gómez Bocanegra
my younger brother Yeisson Aldemar Mendez
and my pet.

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I and My Pet

This is my pet Mincha Bocanegra
she is adopted by the founding voices of nature
and has since been with me through thick and thin.

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My Pet

My pet is called Mincha Bocanegra,
is black, has green eyes, is adopted,
likes to eat mice at night,
sleeping during the day and evenings playing with me a lot.

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My Friends

My friends are all my colleagues in the
classroom January 11, as I have shared with them pleasant moments,
we all help each other and many we love our friends director

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I like to go out of walk with my friends,
to enjoy the time and relagarme my problems
To do tasks and to listen to music

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My Project In My Future

My future is to be a great professional painter
recognized worldwide as one of my dreams is
that my paintings will be displayed for all
countries in the world.

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The University where I study

will study at the University of Tolima
to expand my knowledge of painting
and fine arts.

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